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7/28/2022 9:08:43 AM
This place has a bunch of really good stuff on the menu such as steak which is really hamburger hamburger hamburger hamburger it doesn’t make any sense because the advertise for other things and then they give you hamburger

7/23/2022 8:33:42 PM

7/23/2022 3:03:46 AM

7/17/2022 5:54:44 PM

7/16/2022 4:18:34 PM

7/13/2022 8:28:07 PM
Went in to get breakfast, but kitchen grill was being repaired. Guess I will have to try again. The bartender/ host was top notch she apologized for the grill being down but offered me coffee while I waited, she came back several times to check on me. Last time that she checks on me she lets me know grill is done, unfortunately it was time for me to leave. I will return soon to get my breakfast!

7/9/2022 12:42:06 AM

Very good service. The Cod Chunks were very tasteful. This is my first visit here. It’s hard to find a place to park, but it is worth the time.

5/27/2022 5:11:06 PM
Nice little place with very reasonable prices. Server was friendly and prompt.

5/7/2022 4:34:51 PM
When we walked in we were a little confused because we weren’t greeted or acknowledged by the staff until we were seated for a few minutes. However once we got our menus it didn’t take very long. We ordered and the food was brought out in good time. I ordered the breakfast sandwich with salsa and rye bread, and it was so good. My friends got omelets, and they said they were excellent as well. Five stars for the food! Excellent value. If I’m passing that way I will definitely stop by again.

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